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Atlanta Bible College Korean Extention

From its inception as a Bible Training School to the present it has been the purpose of the Bible college to have each student know and experience God and His Word, broaden and deepen his/her general education for effective living as a Christian citizen, and effectively minister to others. The Bible college is dedicated to the preparation of Christian workers for church leadership, for preaching, for teaching, and for reaching persons for Christ.

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It is our objective that each of our students
  • Know God and His Word (Bible is our middle name!)

  • Seek to have a personal, loving relationship with God.

  • Confidently know the Bible as God's infallible Word.

  • Understand that God's Word relates to every area of life (general education, experience).

  • Apply God's Word

  • Develop a lifestyle that includes personal devotions and regular Bible study, using sound methods in that study.

  • Develop the skills of sound scholarship in both biblical and secular studies, characterized by a spirit of inquiry, research, and creative thinking.

  • Recognize the lordship of Christ and fulfill God's will personally, vocationally, in attitude, and in deed.

  • Live a life of high moral and spiritual standards at home, in the community, and in church.

  • Communicate God's Word (Be in ministry!)

  • Determine where the Lord is directing the individual to serve--whether as a layman or in an employed ministry.

  • Carefully evaluate God-given gifts along with accompanying personal talents.

  • Become proficient in methods of communication, leadership, and ministry.

  • Become involved in a lifetime of Christian service.

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